We offer a variety of boat trips and all of our trips are scheduled to maximise your experience. Some of our boat trips are scheduled according to tides like the Ecrehous, Minquiers and Carteret. All other can be run on any state of tide, but we always advise on the most suitable tide for your trip.

Ecrehous Boat Trip

Ecrehous - 2 and 3 Hour Trips

Explore the crystal clear waters of the Ecrehous, opportunity to see dolphins, seals and other wildlife. We offer 2 and 3 hour trips as standard schedule trips but can customise the trip to yours needs.

Prices from £47.50 per adult and £42.50 per child

Minquiers Boat Trip

Minquiers - 3 Hour Trips

Explore the crystal clear waters, walk on deserted sandbanks that get covered twice daily and visit the main Island where you can find the most southern toilet in the British Isles.

Prices from £65.00 per adult and £60.00 per child

Carteret Boat Trip

Carteret - 4:30 Trips

In just 30 minutes, you can be enjoying the friendly company, food and beverages of our French neighbours. From "Moule e Frite" to fine dining, all just across the water. Passports are required.

Prices from £65.00 per adult and £60.00 per child

Sark Boat Trip

Sark - Day Trip 9:00 Hour Trip

Sark offers a truly unique experience for those wanting to escape the bright lights and hubbub of the office. Free from the intrusive noise pollution of cars, explore Sark in a relaxed horse-drawn carriage. Being the world’s first Dark Island, Sark has no light pollution, and is perfect for star gazing.

Prices from £90.00 per adult and £85.00 per child

Herm Boat Trip

Herm - Day Trip 9 Hour Trip

Herm has no cars, no crowds and definitely no stress. It is the perfect place to visit for a truly relaxing pressure free time. Ideal for families and anyone wanting to get away from it all. While away an hour on the stunning shell beach or explore the natural coastline. Take in the spectacular views of neighbouring islands and the French Coast. Perfect for that relaxing day.

Prices from £95.00 per adult and £90.00 per child

Chausey Boat Trip

Chausey - Day Trip 8 Hour Trip

Chausey is not known for its boutique shopping or nightlife, but for its nature, foraging for shellfish or simply sitting on the shore and looking at the tide rise and fall. With one of the biggest tides in the world, Chausey is a must on everyone’s Itch List. Chausey boasts one hotel and two good restaurants and the latter as been recently refurbishment and serves one of the best Moule I have ever had!!!

Prices from £95.00 per adult and £90.00 per child

North Coast Boat Trip

North Coast - 1:30 Hour Trip

Explore our beautiful north coast from the sea. This trip takes you in and out of the bays stopping along the way to absorb some of the historic sites. Rozel bay with its historic harbour, Bouley bay and the black dog legend, Bonne Nuit where the Governor's summer residence is, and Devil's Hole. We take you inside Devil's Hole cave - where we may have to sacrifice one or two passengers!!!!

Prices from £45.00 per adult and £40.00 per child

Water Taxi Service

Water Taxi Service

We can provide a Water Taxi service to Guernsey, Alderney, Granville, Ecrehous, Minquiers, Sark, Herm, Chausey and St. Malo.

Granville, Carteret and Chausey requires Jersey Customs Authorisation and a valid passport.

Prices vary per destination and you'll need to contact us with your request.