From Friday, 03rd July 2020, Jersey has opened its borders.

With the borders opening, we are looking to start to resume our trips to neighbouring France. The Safer Travel Guidance allows for travel from Jersey and back into Jersey withourt having to request permission. The most relevant part of the guidance, copied from the Government website is as follows;

Accessing testing programmes at points of entry

Testing will be offered on arrival at Jersey International Airport and St Helier Harbour Elizabeth Terminal though you may be directed to attend alternative testing centres if necessary.

Passengers arriving by other points, including private maritime and air travel, are required to:

pre-register before departure and contact the helpline on +44(0) 1534 445566 in advance of travelling book a PCR test to be conducted at the earliest opportunity after their arrival in Jersey. In these circumstances, passengers are required to self-isolate from the point of arrival until their test is conducted, only leaving their residence or vessel for the purpose of being tested

07829 777 090 or [email protected]


Level 3: Soft lockdown - Current level

From Sunday, 17th May 2020, we are open for business.

By following Governments guidelines on physical distancing and applying the primary principles in disinfecting equipment and points of contact, I am extremely pleased to advise that we are now taking bookings. The best way to book is to call or email us, as our booking system is protected against viruses and will try to eradicate anything related to COVID-19 :).

The weather is very promising over the next few days and we our boats and skippers are eager to get you to see some dolphins and seals, so don’t hesitate and call or email us now for the Experience of a lifetime.

07829 777 090 or [email protected]


Current level: Level 4: Lockdown

From Saturday 2 May:
  • you can spend up to 4 hours outside the home
  • you can spend time outside your home doing necessary shopping, for medical needs or providing care, and any form of safe outdoors activity (not just exercise) as long as you maintain physical distancing. You are encouraged to spend time outdoors. Avoid risky activities that may result in accidents and create pressure on health services
  • You can spend your time outside with people you live with, and up to 2 people you don't live with as well, as long as you maintain physical distance with those you don't live with. For the purposes of this scenario, this can be one household plus a maximum of 2 other people.

Level 3: Soft lockdown - Expected announcement 11th/12th May

Personal movement

Stay at Home order lifted. People asked to stay home wherever possible including working from home, but no general restriction on time spent outside the household.

Strict physical distancing required at all times outside your own home.


You can spend time outside with people you live with, and with up to 5 people you don't live with, as long as you maintain physical distance with those you don't live with.

People should still not meet others inside their own homes or go inside others' homes for social purposes.

Other leisure business and venues - Hopefully this will be us

Indoor non-essential venues / premises where gatherings may occur closed. Further guidance will be issued.

Some outdoor non-essential venues / premises where gatherings may occur may open subject to guidelines and providing they enable strict physical distancing and hygiene (as above).

To enable us to start to run our amazing voyages - we are devising a plan to allow for passengers aboard our boats while maintaining physical distancing.

From the image above, you'll be able to see how we intend to do this;

  • A private charter of up to 12 people using all seats 1 to 6 (this applies to families or groups from the same household).
  • Allow for 2 groups of 4 using seats 1 and 2, and seats 5 and 6 (seats 3 and 4 empty).
  • Allow for 1 group of 6 on seats 4, 5 and 6 and a group of 2 on seat 1 (seats 2 and 3 empty).
Or any other combination from the above seating arrangements. We are always open to suggestions.

What you need to know

During this period of soft lockdown, you'll need to bring your own jacket for the voyage.
We'll provide you with lifejackets, which will disinfected before each voyage.
The boat will be wiped down prior to each voyage.
Environmentally safe hand wash will be available on board for passengers to wash their hands if required.

We are updating our voyage schedule - Schedule - and we are looking forward to see you aboard very soon.



There is light at the end of the tunnel, after all!!!

Thanks to the latest release of news from the Chief Minister, we are starting to look at putting in some specialised voyages for customers that want to have the opportunity to get out on the water.

We are hoping that as part of the phase 2, in relaxing the lockdown, we might be able to operate restricted voyages, short trips and with restricted numbers of passengers.

We are currently devising a plan for physical distancing and how we think we might be able to address all the requirements to be able to run some voyages. I know that we are all eager to get out there and see some Dolphins and I know that everyone will be aware that is a very big step, but measures will be put in place to address and adhere to all of the Government requirements and guidelines.

Stay Safe and keep on checking our website and social media for updates.



The government of Jersey has extended the lockdown for a further two weeks from the end of April until mid May, and following the advice from the Government of Jersey we have no choice but to continue with our social distancing and cancel all of our voyages until Mid May in line with government advice.

You can still book your voyage online and we do offer refunds if the voyage does not go ahead due to social distancing or if the lockdown has not been lifted. However, instead of booking online give us a call on 07829 777 090 or email us at [email protected] to provisionally reserve your space(s) on any of our voyages and we won't take payment until the voyage takes place. You'll still need a credit or debit card, but you will NOT be charged until the voyage takes place.

Just have a look at our voyage schedule - Voyage Schedule - pick the voyage that you want to book and email us or call us and we can do the reservation for you. If you are looking for a specific date and you don't see a trip, get in touch and most probably we can add a voyage to the system for you.

Stay Safe.


I have been following the updates of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and its developments throughout the world, and like you, I was hoping that it wouldn’t reach our lovely island- but I guess this was sadly, inevitable.

In light of the devastating events which are currently unfolding, I am urging all of our customers past and future, to not take any unnecessary risks, if you have to self-isolate, please do so, so not to place loved ones and others in harm’s way. Furthermore, as a way of saying I truly care- not just about our customers, but about everyone’s well-being, following the government’s advice and the recent news on social distancing ( to try and reduce the spread of the virus, I have decided to postpone all of our voyages from today, 20th March until the end of April.

I know that we are all looking forward to getting out onto the water (me probably more than most), to see lots of dolphins, seals and visit the amazing Ecrehous or Minquiers and let’s not forget our French friends, but with the French borders closed- lunch or dinner in France is also not on the menu...

Stay positive, the summer is still a couple of months away and if the government’s action plan of social distancing and all the other measures work, we’ll all be enjoying the summer together, zooming across the water on one of our fantastic voyages.

In addition, to allow returning and new customers to experience our voyages, I am extending the validity of all vouchers expiring during the period of our self-quarantine till the end of June 2020.

I’ll be posting updates on social media and on our website, but please feel free to call us on +44 (0)7829 777 090 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our thoughts go out to everyone during these difficult times.


COVID-19 Gov advice